Greater than the sum of its parts? NO WAY. I hate this ice cream. I’m gonna invent my own that is a combination of Rocky Road(without nuts), Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Cherry something.

Neopolitan ice cream gets it’s name because it was invented in Naples, Italy. It is not named after the little French guy that nearly conquered the world. You don’t believe me? Did you know that when France first invaded Mexico, If Mexico hadn’t defeated them then the French would have joined the south (Civil war was going on) and would have conquered the USA?! The South was doing good in the civil war at that time and France would have joined them to totally free up the Southern Ports for trade that were blocked by the North. *Burp. Imagine living in that world, a world with slaves, French speaking southerners, frogs legs at McDonalds, and Fiat 4x4s!

France made up for it though with bicycles, mayonnaise, new wave cinema, and giving us the Statue of Liberty.