CGI in movies. Cartoony computer generated images are so lame. We’ve got B films nowwadays. B films with A budgets. Shia LeDouche with his big nostrils breathing all of Megan Fox’s air and now ruining Indiana Jones. Speilberg agrees; he named his character “Mutt.”

Now Will Smith is refusing to make a film unless there are special effects or a scene where he can get teary eyed. You know, because if an actor brings on the tears then they are officially a great dramatic actor.

Hollywood’s been on the decline for a while. They blame pirating but that’s false. Must of us watch crappy quality online leaks only if we weren’t gonna watch it in the first place. No one in their right mind is going to watch a shitty quality The Dark Knight (now 2nd highest grossing film). Also, the studios get a big boost every time we have to upgrade, like VHS to DVD. Soon it’ll be DVD to Blu-Ray. Then they come out with the “extra special super collector’s director’s cut edition” of movies to replace your old ones.

Thanks to CGI, Hollywood makes horrible kids films now too. They think that if they computerize every film, even the crappy ones, that kids will flock to see them. Even some crap like Doogle. To compound matters, Doogle starred Jimmy Fallon! Come on!!! Side Note: That grundle is replacing Conan? Actually, who cares. “Hi, I’m Conan. Look at me, I’m jumping on my desk! Laugh because I’m wacky.” His jumping on desks is the poor man’s eye candy.

If you’re gonna make crappy movies, then don’t try to hide them behind lasers and explosions. Make em like you used to Hollywood. Man up!

Romance is better without the CGI fireworks and computer generated lipstick, no?

Tommy Lee Jones.

Arnold isn’t a girly man without CGI.