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I hate to say it, but it beats the Sweded Predator.   I’ve got a “script” for a sweded Commando. I just need a camera. And actors. And props. And money. And time…And a fake mustache.


Perfect for coming home from the bar.

Pacino’s hair. Figuratively and literally.

Pacino's hair

If you’ve ever been Rick Rolled, you’ve probably wondered who the bartender is. Today we salute a forgotten hero. A man who defied the laws of gravity. A man who overcame the world’s worst hangover. A man who can jump up, do the splits in the air, and touch his toes. Yes, I’m talking about the bartender from “Never gonna give you up”. Read the rest of this entry »

Pat Benatar-You Better Run

This video reminds me of some 80’s movie that has a bar scene. So much so, that I wrote what the little scene would be like!
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