If you’ve ever been Rick Rolled, you’ve probably wondered who the bartender is. Today we salute a forgotten hero. A man who defied the laws of gravity. A man who overcame the world’s worst hangover. A man who can jump up, do the splits in the air, and touch his toes. Yes, I’m talking about the bartender from “Never gonna give you up”.
He showed up to the set extremely hungover and spent most of the shoot passed out by the pool. His acrobatics caught the attention of Harvard University and he was given a full scholarship. He graduated from Harvard law and ran for senate. In February of 2007 he entered the presidential race. Yes kids, Barack Obama was the bartender.

To this day he is the only man on earth that can do a back flip off the wall.Even Spiderman can’t do that!

Spiderman? FTP! Obama 08