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Time again for Trend That Must Die!

Percolators, I hate you.  Where to begin…You’re messy.  I always get coffee grounds in the bottom of my mug.  Why?  Also, you make coffee too hot.  I have to put ice cubes in my cup so that I can actually consume my coffee.  Also, you are a bitch to clean up.  I gotta take you apart and wash wash wash your stupid parts.  Also, you are too basic.  Not programable?  Hello, it’s 2009, get caught up.  That stupid little knob you have on top is flimsy as well.  You cost too much also.

I can’t think of one single reason that I like you.  I guess you don’t break easy…AHAH!  You old trickster, you!  You don’t brake easily so that I can stay with your mediocrity forever.  Well guess what?  I’m throwing you out.  See ya later, percolator!


So pretty soon I won’t be able to watch tv right?  It’s going all digital but I dont own one of those fancy shmancy flatscreens.  Some people tell me not to worry though.  I’m so confused.

Monkey detective, can you help me????!!!