Don’t hate on Obama, he’s the country’s uncle and want’s you to have a good time, man.

Ever had a BBQ and that one cool uncle comes over? A beer in one hand while cracking jokes here and there? That’s Obama. Uncle ‘Bama.

Noticed how he said “Where do you guys get these ringtones, by the way?” Showing that he’s older, jesting us youngsters at the kid’s table.

If you’re BBQing, there are bound to be flies. How’s Uncle ‘Bama handle that?

Well, since he’s buzzin’ he talks to it. “Hey! Get outta here.” Then when it lands on his hand, he kills it via bitch slap. Like any man, he is impressed with his kill. “I got the sucker.”

Now that he just killed a fly and the sun is going down, he’s feeling a little frisky. Time to flirt with his wife as he cracks open another beer.
Video Here.

Oh nos!  There’s conflict at the BBQ. Don’t worry, Barry has it under control. He sits the two down and has a beer and chats with them. Cracking jokes and offering advice, the conflict is soon gone.  In other words, don’t worry.  World peace is around the corner.  So relax and have a beer.