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Everything‘s Funnier in Spanish.

I’ve gotten way too many faxes and emails over this.  Please people, I know how much you guys love EFiS, it just takes time to find quality ones worth posting.  So anyways, without further ado…grab the popcorn, turn out the lights, light a candle


Round tres of Everything is Funnier in Spanish! My inbox has been flooded with people begging for another round. My pager, yes, MY PAGER, has been blowing up. I had to disconnect my fax machine. I even had to hire a secretary to keep up with all the phone calls.

I’ve been getting so many faxes and phone calls here at the offices of Various Cool. Everyone is begging for another round of Everything’s Funnier in Spanish. Well kids, here ya go.

Letterman used to have a skit where they’d show something American in Spanish, claiming it was funnier. They were on to something.